Ben Tinniswood
Freelance Lighting Technician, Operator and Programmer
A Timecoded lighting and laser show, shown in the Milton Court Theatre at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, as part of our final year project. The project was pre-programmed and visualised with three days in the venue to fit up, program, show 5 performances and get out. It is a showcase of the lighting and laser programming, hence some inconsistencies in the DJ from different performances. ​​​​​​​

Show Design by Ben Tinniswood and Hayden Gurney. 
Lighting design and programming - Ben Tinniswood.
 Lasers design and programming - Hayden Gurney. 
Automation programming - Ben Mills 
Videography - Dan Light 
Fit up and tech Lx desk operator - Guy Knox Holmes

Lighting control equipment,
 GrandMA 3, Cue Points, Depence 2, Capture 2021
 Laser control 
Pangolin Beyond, Laser equipment kindly provided by ER Productions.
Parable - Mako 
A Timecoded lighting show visualised in Capture 2021. Programmed on Vista by Chroma Q.